Mid Island

A drive through the countryside between Christiansted and Frederiksted will take you past ruins of old plantations, many bearing whimsical names (Morningstar, Solitude, Upper Love) bestowed by early owners. The traffic moves quickly—by island standards—on the main roads, but you can pause and poke around if you head down some side lanes. It's easy to find your way west, but driving from north to south requires good navigation. Don't leave your hotel without a map. Allow an entire day for this trip, so you'll have enough time for a swim at a north-shore beach. Although you can find lots of casual eateries on the main roads, pick up a picnic lunch if you plan to head off the beaten path.



This stateside-style market has another branch west of Christiansted.

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Cruzan Rum Distillery

A tour of the company's factory, which was established in 1760, culminates in a tasting of its products, all sold…

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This warehouse-type store is great for visitors because it doesn't charge a membership fee. It's in the busy Sunny Isle…

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